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2.8” Video Baby Monitor

Introducing PIP, the cute child friendly night vision camera that lets you keep an eye on your baby. The 2.8” stylish portable parent unit has two noise level indicator bars, so you never have to worry about not hearing your baby. Help your baby sleep with lullabies and know if their room is too hot or too cold with room temperature monitoring.

  • Room temperature monitoring - iconRoom Temperature Monitoring
  • Lullabies - IconLullabies
  • Range - IconUp to 1,000ft Range

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2.8" Color Display

Watch real-time video of your little one's room on the 2.8" display and never miss a moment.

PIP1200 - 2.8" monitor with antenna - content image

Two-way talk

Use the two-way talk feature to hear your little one clearly and comfort them with your voice, from another room. Or talk with your partner while they’re in the nursery.

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Digital Zoom

Get the perfect view of your little one with the digital zoom feature, which allows you to zoom the image on the screen 2x.