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2.0" Video Baby Monitor

The 2.0” color display video will keep you informed of what's going on visually as well as audibly in your baby’s room. The infrared night vision lets you see your little one at night and during low light levels. LEDs on the parent monitor indicate the level of sound activity in the room, letting you keep an eye on your baby's activity.

  • Secure connection - iconSecure Private Connection
  • LED Sound Level Indicator
  • High Sensitivity Microphone - IconHigh Sensitivity Microphone

Secure. Private. Complete control.

No Wi-Fi or App needed. Direct secure connection between camera and monitor gives you peace of mind. Video and audio are transmitted using advanced 2.4GHz FHSS, ensuring you’re the only one who can see and hear your baby. Privacy guaranteed.

VM481 2 inch Video Baby Monitor - Camera with high sensitivity microphone - content image

Digital zoom

Get the perfect view of your little one with the 2 x digital zoom feature.

VM481 2 inch Video Baby Monitor - Camera with Digital Zoom - content image

Secure private connection

Feel safe knowing that no one else can listen in with the secure and private connection